Lectrosonics SRB Dual-Channel Slot-Mount ENG Receiver

Lectrosonics SRB Dual-Channel Slot-Mount ENG Receiver

Product Details

Two-channel slot-mount Digital Hybrid Wireless diversity receivers. The SR receiver offers two independent channels and fits into the standard video camera slots found on professional cameras. The two audio channels can feed separate inputs or can be mixed internally to feed a single input.

NOTE: Not all cameras have two audio channels enabled in the slot.

The SRb5P variant is equipped with an external audio output for cameras that only have one audio input in the slot. Both audio channels can be connected with external cable (MCSR/SPXLR2).

Note: An SR or SRb may be converted to an SRb5P by an authorized Lectrosonics Service Center. Contact us for details.


  • 1 - Adjustment Tool (Part# 35679)
  • 2 - Antennas (Part #AMJXX)
  • 1 - Quickstart Guide


All current Ikegami camcorders with Uni-Slot receiver mounts are dual-channel capable in the slot with a simple switch activation on the UI board, including models:

  • HDS-V10
  • HDN-X10
  • DNS-33W

Contact engineering at Ikegami for details:
e-mail: engineering@ikegami.com
phone: (201) 368-9171


SR Compatibility with Panasonic Professional Camcorders:

Cameras currently shipping with the two-channel* audio operation within the receiver slot (Unislot) with the SR/SRa Receivers. If you have an older version of these cameras, you may need a firmware upgrade available from Panasonic.

  • AG-HPX300
  • AJ-HPX2000
  • AJ-HPX2100
  • AJ-HPX2700
  • AJ-HPX3000
  • AJ-HPX3700

*Note: SRb, SRb5p, SR, SRa, SR5P and SRa5P Receivers all operate in diversity mode in either single dual-channel modes.

Cameras requiring SRa5P Receiver and external audio inputs for two channel operation.

  • AG-HPX500
  • AG-HDX900
  • AJ-SPX900/800
  • AJ-SPC700

Information Provided By Panasonic Japan

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