DPA 4017B - Shotgun Microphone

DPA 4017B - Shotgun Microphone

Product Details

    The DPA 4017 is a short and exceptionally lightweight shotgun microphone, offering a very directional pickup pattern with the typical natural DPA clarity maintained.

    The 4017 has been designed for a broad range of uses, from camera systems to fixed positions at sports facilities and for booming in ENG, broadcast, and film applications.

    Due to its remarkable clarity, wide dynamic range, and excellent rejection characteristics, the 4017 is equally at home in the recording studio and when used for sound reinforcement and live music miking. It is immune to RF emission.

    At just 210 mm (8.3 in) in length and 71 g (2.5 oz) in weight, the 4017 is compact in size and among the lightest boom microphones available.

  • Excellent Off-Axis Rejection
  • Immune to RFI
  • Short and Lightweight
  • Remarkable Clarity